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WANTED: A brilliant apartment in Berlin!

2 x lovely, creative, Australian professionals looking for an apartment in the best city in the world.

Justin and Carla (the awesome people pictured here) are looking for:

* a 3-4 room unfurnished apartment to rent in Berlin

* something around 85 sqm should do the job

* from 1 May 2012

* in Kreuzberg, Neukölln or Friedrichshain (ok, maybe even Wedding)

Meet Justin

Justin is slightly obsessed with drinking great coffee and stumbling across street-art. Check out one of his side-projects chronicling Berlin’s... er... doors at

By day he’s the founder of Somewhere, an up and coming startup that’s seeking to revolutionise the way people and companies find cultural fits.

Stalk him on:
:: Twitter
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:: EyeEm
:: Facebook


Meet Carla

Carla is one of those slash people. You know, film director / photographer / web producer / doctoral researcher... and much much more.

She’s currently finishing off her doctoral thesis exploring memory, nostalgia, and identity (focused on the destruction of her family’s Italian village in the 1960s). Watch out for the one-of-a-kind iPad app soon.

Stalk her on:
:: Flickr
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:: Vimeo

Hang on, are Justin and Carla really so awesome and ALSO completely dependable?

Yes. Absolutely. Carla has a European passport while Justin has a German work visa. We will pay the rent every month ON TIME. And we'll take loving care of the apartment. We're no longer in our 20s so those partying/selfish/messy days are behind us (sigh).

If you don't believe us, just take a look at this baby wombat.

baby wombat

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You know someone who has an apartment that might be suitable? Maybe it's your old Aunty Bertilde, or your friend's sister's brother-in-law's neighbour with a great place?

Make an email intro and we'll send you 1 jar of Vegemite (non-Australian residents only, people outside of Germany receive a photo of Justin eating Vegemite toast).

We'll also invite you - and Aunty Bertilde - to our kick-ass housewarming.



One of you lucky people will be the *one* who helps us find an awesome apartment.

That person will receive a year’s supply of Vegemite (ie 2 small jars) and 3 x invites to our house-warming WHERE you will have a specially designated seat (i.e. throne) and a scantily-clad person of your sexual preference to bring you drinks on demand and also be nice to you.

Please note that this does not involve anyone smearing themselves with Vegemite and letting you lick them. That’s disgusting.

Oh, and we’ll also host a dinner party in your honour for you, us & 5 of your non-creepy friends.

chosen one


No, seriously. For the ONE person who goes to the most effort or is most imaginative in helping us out, we're going to write your name in the stars by creating a unique, original COCKTAIL... named after YOU.

It will be the world's first cocktail with both Club Mate AND Vegemite (and gin we think). Dead set tops!

YOU could be the next Moscow Mule, the next Singapore Sling, the next Manhattan (no, we don't have any roos loose in our top paddock, we're serious!)

And that, dear friends, is as close to immortality as anyone's going to get.