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nostalgia ti frega


creative director, photographer, digital producer

nostalgia ti frega is a photographic exploration of memory, identity, and place focusing on the emigrant community of a sicilian village destroyed by an earthquake 40 years ago. the project captures a sense of the virtual space the village now inhabits within the community, the memories and stories that form this space, and the role of photographs in its construction.

a set of limited edition photographs presented in hand-crafted wooden boxes interact with a digital photobook deployed on a tablet touch-screen platform (the ipad). as a digital object, the photobook includes features that allow users in distant locations to comment on photographs and make their own contributions to the unfolding history of the village and its people.

the ipad app was available for download on the apple app store from 2014-2016.

the thesis that accompanies this work is available to read via UTS ePress

for sporadic updates you can like the project on facebook