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garden of reminders


creative director, producer

the garden of reminders was an experimental space - a website and art installation - where people were invited to stop for a moment and inscribe a precious piece of data they always wanted to remember.

each reminder was printed in a public installation, by printers suspended from the ceiling, and fell into a garden space designed to be one of contemplation as well as play. visitors could wander through the garden, sit on benches, sift through the fallen reminders, or even sweep them into piles. web participants watched the garden grow and evolve via a live video feed online.

the installation ran from 5 - 9 november 2007, in the foyer of the tower building at the university of technology, sydney.

to see photographs of the exhibition visit

a time-lapse video of the garden's evolution can be seen on the garden page of the website.

although the installation is closed, it's still possible to leave a reminder.

an adaptation of this project was featured in the exhibition at the sheppard fine arts gallery, university of nevada, reno, february 15 to march 12, 2010. in 2011 the iraqimemorial exhibition will travel to the works/san jose gallery in san jose, california and EFA projects space (elizabeth foundation for the arts) in new york city.