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winner, best new website, 2007 netguide awards
finalist, best non-profit website, 2007 aimia awards.

act now is a website that provides a space where young people can get accurate information about issues that affect them and their community. driven by young people, it makes complex issues simple, provides practical advice and opportunities to take action, gives young people a space to share their stories, and develops content as suggested by its users. launched on the 9th of may 2006, act now receives between 1000 - 1500 unique users each day.

the site makes extensive use of techniques and technologies aligned with web 2.0. user-generated content is encouraged by utilising a structured wiki-like framework and highly flexible content engine, custom-developed on the .net platform. social networking aspects are also present, allowing members to link with other members who share similar views on issues within the site.

act now was developed by massive interactive and is an initiative of the inspire foundation.