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bigpond viiv movies



nominated, best interactive tv service, 2007 international emmy awards

bigpond windows media centre movie downloads was developed for the new viiv home entertainment platform. it seamlessly integrates a browsing, purchasing, and downloading service into a total home-entertainment experience. the entire process is viewed on the customer's monitor and navigated via a remote control. content can also be browsed, downloaded, and watched on a number of home-networked devices, including game consoles and laptops.

supporting real-time transcoding of DRM protected content, complex back-end processes are presented through a simple, intuitive, and visually engaging flash user interface. maximum screen real-estate is devoted to the product, with dynamic visual content utilised for each movie title. the application also has the ability to scale to any screen size whilst always accomodating picture-safe area.

in australia content can be browsed at:

developed by massive interactive, DWS, thePlatform, intel, and telstra bigpond.